Monday, March 29, 2010

"The Onion"

If you haven't heard of "The Onion" it's an on-line satirical news source. They make up stories - sort of like the National Enquirer, except The Onion doesn't pretend their stories are real. You are supposed to know when you read something from The Onion, that it's fake.

Anyway, they did a great article about parents choosing to "school-home" their children. You can read the full article here. But for just an excerpt, here is my favorite part:

"Parents who have decided to school-home their children have echoed many of Miller's concerns. Most said that an alarming number of legal guardians such as themselves lack the most basic common sense required to give children the type of instruction they need during crucial developmental years.

"It's really a matter of who has more experience in dealing with my child," Cincinnati- resident Kevin Dufrense said of his decision to have his 10-year-old son Jake, who suffers from ADHD and dyslexia, school-homed. "These teachers are dealing with upwards of 40 students in their classrooms at a time, so obviously they know a lot more about children than someone like me, who only has one son and doesn't know where he is half the time anyway."

"Simply put, it's not the job of parents to raise these kids," Dufrense added.

Though school-homing has proven to be an ideal solution for millions of uninvolved parents, increasingly overburdened public schools have recently led to a steady upswing in the number of students being prison-homed."

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