Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Swamp Romp

This is the story of the Swamp Romp from Ben's point of view:

A few weeks ago, we went on the Swamp Romp, which was a 5-mile run through a....here it comes....a swamp!!!! We were organized into groups of six, with three guys, and three girls in each group. We had a teen team, and adult team. I was (obviously) on the teen team, which consisted of me, Nate, Christoffer, Megan, Jenna, and Karese. The adult team had some of our parents, one of our youth leaders, and a marine named BJ (P.S. if you play against BJ in ultimate frisbee, you WILL lose!). Chris and I got to the starting area at about 4:00 to sign up our team, Nate, Megan, and Jenna came about an hour later, and Karese came at 7:30. We made Karese spell out "Late" on her shirt with duct tape as punishment.

This is a "before" photo.

This is "after".

We did all kinds of things on the run, like running across the beach.

Trotting past a creek (or "crick" as I prefer to call them).

Running through lots and lots of mud!

Did I mention lots of mud?

DID I ?!?!?!

There were a few random obstacles put in our way.

We crossed a lake at one point.

And climbed some walls.

We were so muddy when we were done, that we had to sit in trash bags, for the sake of the car.
Or at least I did anyway...

This is the picture of our teen team right as we finished, and, in my opinion, the best picture of them all!!!

Well, that's a short story about my Swamp Romp experience. Hope Y'all enjoyed it!

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  1. Yes, I did enjoy it and know you did, too. I am so glad that you are getting to do lots of cool stuff. Most kids don't even hear of these activities, much less get to experience them - GG