Tuesday, March 9, 2010

At The Allergy Clinic

Emily had to go see the allergist today. Her eczema has flared and we've been trying to find out if she has a food allergy which might be at the root of it.

They had to write all over her back with a marker and prick her skin by each number.

Her skin welted up by the marks of things she was allergic to.

The final result: mold, mites, milk, cats and dogs.


  1. ugh.. milk.. that is in so many things. And dogs..ugh. What does this mean? Henry has had these test done before as well, praise God he was not allergic to cats. Praying for the process of elimination in her diet and every day living.

  2. I hope this was not as uncomfortable as it looks. Interesting pattern though. GG

  3. Oh no what are you gonna do about Rigger and the other one? LOL, sorry forgot his name.