Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ben Likes To Argue

Ben saw a message board on Facebook which had posts from people arguing about where our oxygen comes from.

There was one guy saying, "We need to stop worrying about deforestation and start worrying about human lives."

This college-age girl replied, "What the %#@ is wrong with you???? That's where we get all our %$&@ air, you @&%#$ !! We're all going to die because of idiots like you who don't care about %&$#@ nature!!!" (I added the symbols myself, her original use of words was quite colorful.)

Ben replied to her, "Actually, we get 70% to 80% of our air from the algae in the ocean and even if every single tree on the planet were chopped down we would have plenty of air to go around. Next time you cuss someone out for being stupid, make sure it isn't you."


  1. GO BEN !!!!
    Has she responded yet???

  2. WTG Ben!! He's quite sharp!

  3. I have got to meet your kids one day! Go Ben! And Go Amy for teaching such a smart young man!

  4. I just found your blog (linked from Michelle at Rosetta). Anyway, I laughed out loud at this post!! If only everyone ws so informed.
    Go Ben!

    Kelly in TX.