Friday, December 4, 2009

Waikiki Aquarium

A few weeks ago, our homeschool co-op took a trip to the Waikiki Aquarium. The younger kids in our co-op are studying ocean animals this year, so most of our field trips have revolved around swimming creature. Hawaii is ideal for this sort of study.

The Waikiki Aquarium is small but has a lot to offer. We had docents give us a talk about marine animals, then they took the kids in groups of two and three all over the aquarium and showed us all the interesting species and answered questions. I've never had so many docents leading so many small groups. It was much better than being in a large crowd of people with everyone trying to hear the speaker.

When we arrived, the kids all immediately discovered a banyan tree outside and they swung monkeys from the rope-like growths.

We also discovered someone is using the banyan tree as a house. That is a sleeping bag, beach mats, and a bag of food tucked inside the tree. Well, if you're going to be homeless, be homeless in Hawaii. I never could understand why we had homeless people in Alaska. Why they didn't hop on the nearest boxcar and head for warmer weather, I will never know.

This is our own personal docent. He did a great job of talking to us about the sea critters we saw. There were only three girls and me in his group, which was excellent!

If you have an "Aquarium" setting on your camera, this is the place to use it. Usually when I try to take pictures in an aquarium, I get a picture of my flash reflecting back at me from the glass. If I don't use the flash, I get a blurry, gray photo of what might possibly be recognized as fish if you squint a little.

I thought these turned out pretty good though.

You can see a little flash in this one, but not enough to obscure the fish.

This is a dragon fish. He looks like seaweed. There's no telling how many of these you've swum by in the ocean, and never noticed it was a live creature.

This is just a basic reef with lots of fish in it. I just like the lighting and the colors.

And this picture is my favorite - a giant jellyfish. I'd hate to run into him out in the ocean, but boy was he cool behind glass!

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  1. GREAT PHOTOS! Really enjoyed them. GG