Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Morning

We were awakened by a beautiful serenade.

Much better than having them run in screaming.

Kerry got the coffee maker he's wanted for years............

As well as a fancy new grill (we're spoiling him).

For some reason, Kerry gave Ben "Sting" a sword from the Lord of the Rings. When Kerry showed it to me, I just saw a small sword. He was astounded that I didn't recognize it as an exact replica of "Sting".

"Will Ben know it's a specific sword?" I asked.

Kerry looked at me as if I was crazy. "Of course! It's Sting!!!"

Christmas morning, Ben unwrapped the sword. "It's Sting!! How cool!"

I would love to know what Katie had just spotted in this picture.

Don't eat those magnets.
(The company that makes these is being sued by parents whose children ate the magnets.)

Okay, I was worried Katie was about to knock my coffee over.

And then the women of the house cooked, cleaned and read instruction manuals while the males read their gift books and ate beef jerky for breakfast.

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