Monday, December 7, 2009

Dancing In The Streets

The kids and I got to show off our mad square dancing skills in the Christmas parade yesterday. Our square dancing group procured a truck with a trailer on it and we attempted to dance on the trailer as the truck pulled us along in the parade.

Space was very tight - it is nearly impossible to weave in and out and spin around in a group of people when you are all wedged tightly together.

Fortunately, we had enough people to have one square of dancers on the trailer, and one square of dancers walking along behind the trailer. Any time we had to stop, we'd square up and get to dancing.

Unfortunately, sometimes those who were dancing in the street got left behind when the parade started moving again.

I had an exciting moment when the truck started forward while I was standing on the trailer, and I sat down rather unexpectedly on a hay bale. My square dancing skirt did not quite make it in between me and the hay. I hopped back up, but had plenty of hay stuck to my skin (underneath my skirt if you get my drift).

I hope the crowd thought that the shimmying I was doing to get the hay off was what square dancing is supposed to look like.

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