Friday, December 11, 2009

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jog

Kerry's home! Yesterday was very intense and exciting.

See this giant wall of netting and signs? Our soldiers were on the other side of it. We were in an airplane hangar, and they hung this curtain up so we could not see them. We knew they were over there, mere feet from us, but couldn't get to them.

Talk about nerve wracking.

We discussed possible scenarios in which we ran toward the curtain, scaled the hangar walls, or shimmied across the overhead pipes to get past the (armed) guards and get to the other side.

But we ended up just sitting in our folding chairs.

Someone very kindly set up a video camera on the side where the soldiers were and a screen on the side where the families were. The camera panned across the room and occasionally we would see Kerry amongst the other soldiers as they in-processed and turned in their weapons.

They were given a quick briefing. "Don't beat your wife" was the main theme.

Finally, finally, they lined them up and marched them in to our side of the hangar.

A quick two minute speech later, and he was ours.

(And yes, I let the kids get to him first this time.)


  1. The best Christmas present! Mine is due to arrive in one short week!

  2. Yeah!! I'm so glad he made it home safely!!