Wednesday, December 23, 2009

GG and Sherry Visit Hawaii

My mother and sister have arrived to spend Christmas in Hawaii!

Welcome to Hawaii!!

Amazingly, they did not intend to dress alike for the plane trip, or even realize that they had dressed alike until I pointed it out.

We wore our most festive chapeaus to the airport to pick them up.....

The kids have always called my mother "GG" (for Glorious Grandmother) and my sister "She-She". Her name is Sherry, and when they were little the kids couldn't pronounce her name so they called her She-She.

We could never have foreseen that one day we would be living in Hawaii where the word "she-she" is a euphemism for using the bathroom - as in, "I have to go she-she", or "Did you just she-she in your pants?"

So I've had to re-train the kids to call her "Aunt Sherry" because calling out "Aunt She-She" across a crowded store is going to sound bad.

It's a shame too, because GG and She-She really rolls off the tongue well.

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