Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Spelling City

One of the best spelling resources I've found recently is a site called Spelling City. My kids each have a spelling and vocabulary list they have to work on each week. At they can type in their list on Monday and then play games on the site using the words in their word list each day. By Friday, they've had enough practice spelling the words and are ready to test.

One of the games is a fill-in-the-blank type chart. This helps with vocabulary as well as using the word in a sentence.

Spelling City can also may a crossword puzzle, or a word search out of your spelling list.

My favorite game is "Hang Mouse" which is a variation of the "Hangman" game we used to play when I was a kid. In this version you pick letters until you've figured out the spelling word. When you pick a correct letter, the mouse sneaks over and takes a piece of cheese. If you pick an incorrect letter, the cat wakes up a little more each time until he finally captures the mouse.
There are a number of other games on the site as well.
At the end of the week there is also a "test me" feature on the web site. It will actually say the spelling word out loud, and your child has to type in the correct spelling.
I am finding this to be an excellent way to add entertainment to our spelling lesson! The kids are learning their spelling and vocabulary words, but they are enjoying it and remembering more while they are doing it!


  1. We love this site tooooo! When BaileyRose saw Hangmouse she said, "I love that game!" Ha!

  2. Cute. But, let's really get what we need from spelling practice. Good spelling practice is not simply memorization or writing each word ten times. Check out Spelling Practice Ideas for helpful tips and free resources.

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