Saturday, August 15, 2009

Room Makeover (Part Two)

So, if you haven't read my previous post about re-decorating Ben's room while he was at camp, you need to go read it now or this post won't make as much sense.

My friend Kim and I worked hard all week, making the girls rooms fit for habitation.

This is Katie's room before the make over:

Not the best picture, I know. When I took this picture, I wasn't intending to put it on the blog, I was just sending pictures to Kerry of what our house looks like with furniture in it.

This is the same corner of her room as seen in the previous picture. I found an ocean themed play tent and made her an "ocean corner".

New shelves gave her a LOT more storage space.

A palm tree on one wall for some ambiance.

She also got a new comforter and pillows, as well as the princess hanging over her bed which is draped with flowers which light up when plugged in.

This isn't the comforter I wanted originally. I found one on line which was exactly what I wanted; it was $39.99 on sale. But shipping was $42.00! thank you.

Now this is the before picture of Emily's room:
And here is the after photo:

We moved her bed to an entirely different area of the room, added matching pillows and also curtains.

Teddy Bear Corner. That girl does love her bears.

She also got new shelves, I just picked storage baskets in colors that would compliment her room.

She also got a new lamp and some geese.

Those geese are cool.

Her shelves stayed pretty much the same, except we actually organized everything on them.

Okay, now here is the part where you need to have read the previous post to get the joke. When the girls came home from camp, they also did not head to their rooms immediately. I had to coerce them to come out of the TV room. I thought when I said, "Go see how much sand is in your shower" that they would immediately figure out their rooms had been redecorated, but they actually headed to the bathroom to see how much sand was in the shower!



  1. What a great surprise! You did a wonderful job! Really enjoyed the vidio. GG

  2. You did a great job decorating, it's very cute, and those bedrooms are huge!

  3. You did good, mum. Much more excitement from the girls (but that's usually the case with newly decorated rooms I suppose).