Saturday, August 29, 2009

She Was Talking About The Jelly Bean

We decided to play a round of Cranium one night since Kerry is home. Katie and I were on a team together and Kerry and Emily were on a team together.

Katie had drawn a card which said she had to sculpt a molar out of playdoh. I had to guess what it was. The only clue I had was that it was a thing. We had done this same type of thing earlier in the game when Katie had to sculpt a pizza and I guessed it correctly. My clue that time had been food. So this time I at least knew that the thing would not be a food.

So Katie pulled off a hunk of playdoh and starts molding it into a small blob. I couldn't tell what it was. It was small and oval-ish and she was making little points on top of it and I wasn't getting it. I started calling out random small round objects.


"Jelly Bean!"


"No!" Emily yelled helpfully. "It's not a food!"


  1. that's funny (tho she was hopefully referring to the jelly bean)