Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ben's First Week of Teaching Bible Camp

For week two, we would be teaching the kids under the supervision of supervisors (that's a mouthful). My group was supposed to be me, Matt, Travis, and Colby under the supervision of Brinton but one of the girls groups had their clubs canceled. So, we had a combined group of me, Matt, Colby, Travis, Karese, Dana, and Kayla, under the supervision of Brinton and Sarah. Yay! More helpers! Less work!

Our group had the most interesting day club.... homeless children! The weird thing was, out of all the kids I taught this summer, these were the most well behaved of them all; the older kids even reminded the younger ones to behave. Awesome! I only had to teach a lesson once, since we had so many kids, but I was put in charge of games almost every day - fine with me!

I think I was more of the "friend" than the "boss", because the kids called us Mr. Matt, Mr. Travis, Uncle Colby, Miss Karese, Mrs. Dana, Auntie Kayla, and.... Ben. We also had the largest group of kids; we had 33 enrolled and 24 show up in one day.

Everything went well and we didn't have any big problems. Brinton had to leave and Sarah was put in charge but she's a good supervisor. The most memorable experience for me was a painful one, all 24 kids tackled me, tied me down with Hula Hoops, "pantsed" me, and dragged me through a thorn bush. After I pulled my pants back on and made sure Karese and Sarah didn't take any pictures, I laughed it off. It was very funny.

Lots of awesome things happened on my first week, and I learned a good bit about teaching so it's all good :)

Ben <><

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  1. Ben, it is hard to have so much distance between us. I love hearing about your activities and getting the pictures. I am SO proud of you and the young man you have become. I still enjoy all the pictures I have of you when you were small and remember the good times we had and how you talked non-stop, tell me all that had happened since the last time we were together. YOU LEFT OUT NOTHING! Love you - GG