Monday, April 27, 2009

The Story of Creation - Youth Group Style

Ben's youth group was given the task of thinking up skits to show the creation story. They divided into two groups: boys vs. girls. Let's see how they did:

The girls took the time to come up with costumes representing the days of creation. This girl represents the day animals were created. See how she's wearing a cute little cow mask? And she's holding a stuffed cow and a stuffed frog!

Next to animal girl is fish girl (they weren't standing in order at this point). She has little fish cutouts taped on to her shirt and represents the day all the creatures of the ocean were created.

Next to her is the girl representing land. She's holding an earth colored rectangular thing and.....a hat. God created hats the same day he created land. It's in Genesis, I think. Look it up.

The next girl is wearing wings. She represents the creation of all birds and flying things.

The girl who has yellow construction paper taped to her represents the creation of light.

The last girl has blue paper (representing water) taped to her lower half , and cotton balls taped to her upper body (representing sky) to show that God separated the waters and the sky! Isn't that imaginative?!?! Did I mention that they only had 10-15 minutes to come up with this skit? They scrounged around in the church and came up with all these very creative costumes to go along with their skit!

Here's what the teen boys did:

They turned the lights off and on to represent day and night.

God made water (blue construction paper on ground).

God made sky (blue construction paper held in the air).

God made land (boy collapses flat onto ground to represent land mass).

God made growing things (fake plant put on collapsed boys back).

God made animals (add stuffed elephant on collapsed boy).

Ben says he thinks the boys should have won.

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