Friday, April 3, 2009

Ballet Katie

Katie had her first dance lesson this week. She used to take ballet and tap when she was four, but then decided she wanted to take gymnastics for a year. Then she switched to Tae Kwon Do when we moved and forced her to.

She has been incredibly excited about ballet class. She's been asking me every day how many more days until her ballet class. We got her a cute pink leotard, cute pink tights and matching pink ballet shoes.

When the big day arrived she was up and dressed in her dance clothes by 7:00am despite the fact that her class wasn't until noon. I told her she might want to wait until closer to time for class to wear her outfit, but she was determined.

Then she decided to go water the tomato plants outside.

(You see what's coming here don't you?)

She came back inside with a horrified look on her face and mud all up the front of her pretty pink leotard.

Luckily, it was still early, so I took her leotard and washed it immediately.

The mud didn't come out.

I sprayed it with stain cleaner and washed it again.

The mud didn't come out.

I hand scrubbed it. That was some industrial strength mud. I told Katie at that point it was too late. Most of the mud had come out at that point but not all of it. Unless I threw the leotard in the dryer, it wouldn't be dry in time for class. And if I threw it in the dryer, the remaining mud stains would most definitely never come out.

So we rooted around in her dress-up box and found a leotard that Emily wore in a recital when she took ballet. It was still pink, and actually quite pretty, so Katie was happy after all.

Now I just need some industrial strength mud cleaner.

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  1. Forget it.... Momma complained about that dirt 30years ago....Nothing worked then. Good luck, but sounds like nothing has changed about the "Natural" Hawaii since we were there. Tammy