Friday, April 17, 2009

Camels and Goats

I talked to Kerry one day recently and he had been fielding dozens of phone calls from all around the world. Apparently an officer at another base in Afghanistan had been trying to impress his family with a hardship story and he sent an email that his unit was out of food and that they were reduced to eating camels and goats.

The soldier's father-in-law, upon receiving this email, was incensed that the Army wasn't feeding the soldiers properly and contacted his senator. This in turn, led to a congressional inquiry which led to Kerry getting dozens of phone calls. Kerry is a logistician and his job involves getting all supplies (beans and bullets) to each base and making sure there is enough for everyone.

Kerry was not particularly happy about this.

"I talk to the soldiers at that base every day and their main complaint is that they are out of a certain flavor of ice cream, not that they are eating camels and goats!"

I'd love to know if they told the father-in-law that his son-in-law is an idiot and that there was no validity to his claim. Or do they just say, "We've investigated the claim and feel that the situation is resolved satisfactorily"?

I hope they tell him the guy's an idiot.

This reminded me of a poem my kids heard somewhere along the way:

Mary had a little lamb
You've heard this tale before.
But did you know she passed her plate
And had a little more?

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