Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Latest From Kerry

Here is an update from Kerry. I cut out all the mushy stuff:

I just saw Toby Keith in concert from 50 feet away! It was a great concert and he was very entertaining. I went to the bazaar and hit a home run for your anniversary gift. is a new fishing pole...I could not keep the secret...if you don't like it I will use it! :-)

The food here is not too hot. There is a huge European influence here since the majority of the troops are NATO (North American Treaty Organization - our European allies). I got some sausage links yesterday that looked like a kielbasa. All right! I love kielbasa! I bit into it and it was like eating a pudding pop with a hard sausage covering. Let's just say that I made quite an indelible impression as I, the ugly American, had to spit this concoction - that looked and smelled like sausage but was obviously a cleverly disguised Taliban weapon - back on my tray in front of several hundred of our curious allies. It was either that or save face and try to swallow whatever was in my mouth. I chose the more embarrassing route, but most likely prevented an international incident if I had swallowed it and then, kicking and screaming, died in the middle of a crowded dining facility. I think I did the right thing! For countries that have existed so long, you would think they would have learned how to cook their food!

There is a dining facility right beside our headquarters where I work that has an oriental flavor to it. Everything is stir fried and there is lots of rice. That is pretty cool...except when you make the mistake of going there for breakfast. I guess they do not know what scrambled eggs are. However....they do know what fish heads are. Yes, there were two types of fish heads on the morning menu as well as much sushi and nothing even vaguely resembling American food except for the cereal section. I have never been so grateful for a bowl of corn flakes in my life as I was that morning. Needless to say, I don't go there for breakfast now.

I love you. I will see you soon.

Love, me

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