Saturday, July 19, 2008

Wrist Injury

I took Rigger out for a walk yesterday. He likes a good walk, but he is such a scaredy cat (for a dog). I figured he needed some time to really wander around, so we went a little farther than we usually do.

We came to a fenced in yard with two small, yappy terriers in it. They, of course, became hysterical at the sight of Rigger like small, yappy terrorists. Usually, Rigger runs from anything noisy. He is NOT the alpha dog around here, and he never forgets that, especially when dealing with other dogs. But for some reason, these little ankle biters fascinated him. He trotted right over to their chain link fence for a good sniff which sent the terrorist into a near rabid state. They began racing back and forth on their side of the fence as though this would help them somehow.

Rigger found this behavior very exciting and he decided to walk down the length of fence and see what was so thrilling that made these two dogs want to run down there over and over and over.

We made it about halfway down the fence when Rigger suddenly realized he was between two noisy 5 pound dogs and an an air conditioning unit! OH NO!
Rigger has always been terrified of the outdoor portion of the A/C system around here. It's loud, it's big, and he just doesn't know if it might eat him.

He flattened his 150 pound self to the ground, quivering in fear, looking back and forth between the dogs and the A/C. Then did the only thing he knew to do to save himself --- he fled. (Never mind if I got eaten by the A/C, at least he would be safe.)

Now, I'm not tiny. But I'm not 150 pounds either. And when a very large dog takes off and I have hold of the other end of the leash he is attached to, there is not much I can do about it. He snatched the leash right out of my hand giving me one heck of a jolt in the process.

I think my wrist is slightly sprained. It's not bad, but I can't do a whole lot with my right hand at the moment. I don't notice it most of the time, but as soon as I pick up a book or coffee cup or anything my wrist hurts and feels like a limp noodle.

Next time I'll just let the A/C unit eat him.

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