Thursday, July 10, 2008

Swimming With Dolphins

And now we return to our reguarly scheduled blog.....

Okay, before I had to switch gears, I was going to write some more about what happended to us at the beach. It was probably one of the most magnificent things that has ever happened to me!

We went to the beach one day, just my mother, my sister, Emily, Katie and me. Ben was with his cousins and of course Kerry was back here in Kansas. We were just building sandcastles and playing in the surf.

A group of several people came by with a seine net. A seine net is a very long net with a long pole at each end. Several people have to hold it and walk through the water with it to catch fish, crabs, and shrimp. It's like sifting for seafood.

So these folks are seining and a school of dolphins comes up. Cool! We're watching the dolphins swim around and these folks offer us some fish out of their net to feed the dolphins!

I know!

So we snatch up the fish and head out into the waves and dad gum if those dolphins didn't swim right up to us and eat fish right out of our hands! It was like being at Sea World! The nice folks seined for fish three times, and we just kept getting fish and giving them to the dolphins. Even after all the fish were gone, the dolphins would come up next to us in the water and just hover right by our legs, turning on their sides to grin up at us, in the hopes that maybe we really had another fish hidden inside our swimsuits.

My mother and sister didn't want to feed the dolphins, but they did video me and the girls feeding the dolphins. If I ever figure out how to post a video, I'll put them on here!

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