Saturday, July 5, 2008

On The Beach

We spent a week on Jekyll Island for our vacation this year. Fortunately I have a friend from high school, Lisa, who has a house on St. Simons Island which is right next door to Jekyll. We met her on the pier at St Simons and she took us crabbing.

The girls got a kick out of pulling up the nets and checking for edible crabs, and throwing back the hermit crabs.

Then Lisa took us down to the beach to teach us a dying sport - "Stringing" crab. Usually we hang a basket off the pier with some raw chicken in it and you wait for a hungry crab to come nibble on the chicken. Then you haul the basket up and - voila! - dinner!

Stringing crab is more challenging than using a basket. In this sport, you tie the chicken to a heavy twine and toss it out into the water from the beach. You give the crab time to get to it, then you catch him with a net. Not easy, but gives the crab a sporting chance.

Unfortunately the crabs were on to us and we did not catch any with the stringing method, although we did get some nice sized ones with the baskets.

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