Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Emily's Eleven!

Yesterday was my darling daughter's eleventh birthday. We were supposed to be at Sea World for her special day, but since our car decided to abandon us and take it's own vacation at Aamco (which apparently is a spa for transmissions) we decided to go a local water park.

It has an awsome area that is just like a giant tub toy. I has great slides on it and a giant bucket that dumps over it every few minutes. It also has spinning wheels, bells and water guns. All the kids (including the big kids) have a great time in it.

Emily made her own cake - a chocolate swirl cheescake. She discovered during the party that she still doesn't like cheesecake. I think she just thought the picture looked so good, she was sure to like it

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  1. She's beautiful! Does she still have those soft dollies that she carried around? Can't wait to see her in person! Glad you had a Happy day!