Wednesday, July 10, 2013


 My kids have got to be some of the most blessed kids on the planet.

Not only did Ben and Emily get to go to Oahu for the summer, but guess who got picked to work on Maui for a week?
 Ben.  That's who.

This is his fifth year working with CEF in Hawaii and he's always hoped to get picked to go to one of the other islands and it finally happened.

 CEF picked three students and two adults to fly to Maui and teach kids about Jesus.

Freakin' Maui, ya'll.

 Of course, I haven't really heard anything about it from Ben, but one of the adults posted pictures of their trip, and I can surmise from those photos what they did.

Apparently, Ben taught a Bible story while wearing a yellow shirt.

On Maui.

  On another day, he taught a story while wearing a red shirt.

 On Maui.

Another day, he....sang a song....while wearing a gray shirt, with a little girl who looks remarkably like his sister, Katie.  Clearly, he missed his sister since he picked her doppelganger out of the crowd to point out that he should sing higher.

 On Maui.

 They got to teach and play with the kids right by the ocean.

I actually know both the female students who went as well so it was great to see pictures of them too.

Neither of these girls is Ben's girlfriend BTW.  She's in Argentina petting lions and tigers.
I'm not kidding.

He also tried to sit on a pocket chair, but someone apparently snatched it away just as he sat.

 They like to play little jokes like that on Maui.

He also learned to levitate.  I'm quite impressed with the fact that they were all able to pick it up.  I can't wait to see him in person so he can show me.  Maybe I'll be able to get a video.

 I know he did not visit a barbershop while he was on Maui.
And apparently lost his razor.

 Down time was spent goofing around.

On freakin' Maui.

 Think he knows how lucky he is?

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