Tuesday, July 23, 2013


We have not had the best of luck with camping lately.  I don't know why.  Kerry and Ben are seasoned campers, and while the girls and I are not as experienced as the guys in our family, we have done our share of camping as well.

Our last campout wound up being in the middle of a flash flood.  We had a pavilion at that campground, so we were able to still interact with our friends who were with us.

This past weekend, we went on our first campout since we left Hawaii.  We went to Missouri with six families from church.  

There was no pavilion.

Three of the six families packed it in and went home after the first night.

I wanted to go home too, but Kerry wanted to stay, so we decided to stay.  We actually had a pretty good time.  Kerry's marvelous dutch oven cooking was the highlight of the trip.  Because of the rain and the cold, his hot breakfasts, dinners, and deserts were especially welcome.  It has been very hot all summer and we didn't take sweatshirts or jackets with us.  The rain caused the temperature to drop into the 60's, which isn't bad, unless you are wet, which we mostly were.  I'm here to tell you, if we had planned to have cereal and sandwiches on the trip, it would have been a totally different experience.  I wish I had pictures of the food, but it was too rainy to pull out the camera.

My fingers and feet were pruney for hours after we left the campsite.  There is nothing in this world to make you appreciate a hot shower, your own bed, and dry clothes like camping in the rain.

You should try it.  It will make just being home feel like a vacation spa.

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