Friday, July 12, 2013


Remember when I said Ben's girlfriend was in Argentina petting lions and tigers and bears?

I was kidding.

There were no bears.

At least, there are no pictures of bears.

But there is definitely a picture of a lion cub.

And a camel.

And an elephant.  Have I ever mentioned that elephants are my favorite land animal?  

They are.  

I love elephants.  I think they are so cool.  I've always wanted a coffee table book about elephants.  I love to watch specials on TV about elephants.  Elephants are cooler than bow ties and fez's.

When we go to the zoo, they always have a couple of fences between us and the elephants so no one can get close enough to touch the elephant and possibly get injured.

Apparently zoos in Argentina are different.

Very different.

Very, very, very different.

Can you imagine being allowed in the cage with a lion or a tiger in America?  That would never happen because of the possibility of a lawsuit.  No one worries about the possibility of death or dismemberment, but a lawsuit is something to be feared.

Notice how they have a pile of meat in front of that tiger.

Hopefully if he gets peckish, he'll eat that first, giving everyone else time to escape.

Ben's girlfriend (I'm not using her name, because it just occurred to me she might not want me telling a bunch of strangers on the internet who she is although Ben assured me that she wouldn't mind if I used pictures of her) is in Argentina speaking Spanish and helping people and being totally awesome.

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