Saturday, September 15, 2012


When you are moving, you imagine where everything will go in your new house.  Kerry and I walked around our new house while it was empty and decided, "The sofa will go there, let's put the TV here.  Let's put the headboard on this wall, and the dresser over there.  No.....over there.  No....over here." You think everything through and you imagine you will unpack each box and not open a new box until the first box is finished.  Everything will go in its place, the place it was assigned, the place where it will live forever.

How unpacking an entire house really works:

"Let's go ahead and put all these books on the shelves in the bedroom."

"Well, all the sheets and curtains are on those shelves right now."


"Well, I need to iron the curtains before I hang them, but we haven't unpacked the iron yet."

"Well, why didn't you just leave the curtains in a box?"

"I was looking for sheets to put on the bed so we could go to sleep."

"Let's move the sheets to the linen closet so we can put the books there."

"The linen closet is smaller than our old linen closet, they won't fit.  We've got to find a new place for them."

"Well, what about this box of stuff from the pantry?  Let's get all that put away."

"This pantry is smaller than our old pantry, I can't fit it all in there.  Where are we going to put all this?"

"Let's get some new shelves, put them in the garage, and we'll use them for extra pantry items."

Go to store, buy new shelves.

"What about this box of books?  Where do they go?"

"We had those on the built-in shelves.  Now we've lost all that shelf space.  We're going to need more shelves."

"Where would we put them?"

"Um...basement?  I guess?"

Go to store, buy new shelves.

"What about this box of tools?  Where do you want those to go?"

"Well, we have all that peg board in the garage, I'm going to hang them up out there so we can see where everything is, but we don't have any pegs yet."

Go to store, buy pegs for peg boards.

I would gladly pay someone to come pack everything for me, I don't care any more where everything goes, I don't care if I can't find something because someone else picked its forever spot.

But I can't afford to pay someone to help because we're having to buy new shelves every day.

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