Monday, September 24, 2012

It's Football Season

It's football season and Kerry is happy.  That man does love football.  He knows every little factoid and piece of useless trivia about football.  I used to like to look up odd football facts and try to stump him but I don't think I ever once came up with something he didn't already know.

Kerry played football in high school and always hoped that Ben would follow in his footsteps.  Ben however, never had any interest in football.  He played soccer as a child.  I, as a concerned mother, was fine with that.  I am after all, married to a man who had major knee surgery as a teen thanks to football.

I remember one day when Ben was about ten, we were going somewhere and discussing football.  Kerry was mentioning how he hoped Ben would someday learn to love football as much as he does.

"Well, he likes soccer and that's fine.  I don't really mind if he never wants to play football," I replied.

Kerry whipped the car into a parking lot, looked over at me and said, "Get out."

Yes, he was kidding, and yes, I laughed.

But finally, Kerry has gotten his wish.  Ben is finally interested in football.  He is attending college games and watching them from start to finish.

 That's my boy!

Ben says anyone who thinks cheerleading isn't a sport should try it out.  He has to exercise regularly in order to be strong enough to throw girls up in the air but he also has to be very flexible.

He's learning to do back handsprings.

I took my camera to the game so that I could get some good shots but forgot my memory card so once again I had to resort to cell phone photos and videos.

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