Monday, September 10, 2012

The Worst Birthday Ever

Katie was really unhappy about her birthday this year. Having just moved from Hawaii, she hasn't yet had time to make new friends here. The end result being that she doesn't know anyone to invite to a birthday party. The enormity of this started hitting her about a week ago. She often looked as though she was trying not to cry and she mentioned a number of times that she wished she could see her Hawaii friends. Luckily, one of her BFF's was able to come up and surprise her on Wednesday.

I also posted a status on Facebook asking anyone and everyone to send her a birthday card.  I thought that might make the mail more interesting for the week.

 The final count is still not in, but she was thrilled to go check the mail every day.  Of course, her favorite cards were the ones that had some money or a little gift in them which was another unexpected surprise!
We also went to the City Museum in St Louis with our visiting friends and they plucked Katie out of the crowd to assist in a magic trick.  I didn't plan that, but it certainly added to the birthday joy!
Sorry she looks demonic in the photo.  She's not really that evil.

We went to Joe's Crab Shack for lunch where we had the best waitress in the world - her name was Sulynn, ask for her if you go.  In honor of her birthday and having just moved from Hawaii, they dressed Katie up in a stereotypical Hawaiian costume and made her do the hula while the entire restaurant sang "Happy Birthday" to her.
She was not at all unhappy about the attention.

BFF and family had to leave after lunch so to keep the day from becoming sad, we headed off to lazer tag with some homeschooling friends.  What a blast!  We have found a new sport for our family.  The last time we played lazer tag, we lived in Alaska and Katie was so young, we used her as a shield to keep from being shot.

It wound up being a really good day after all!

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