Sunday, May 20, 2012

Graduation! - The Leis

One of the most fun things about a Hawaiian graduation.........

.......Is the leis!

Graduates are covered with leis and toy floats and it's hilarious to see them all decked out!

As Ben can tell you though, those leis get heavy and they make you hot and sweaty!

Most of the people we know make their own leis rather than buying them.  At almost any time, you see women sitting around weaving leis, especially during graduation season.  Leis can be made to be beautiful, or to be humorous. Ben's leis were made from ribbon, yarn, paper, and even real leaves and vines.  He received a pink and white polka dot one with a plastic spoon and fork attached to it and one made out of folded styrofoam plates!

 One thing that many folks do is to buy netting and wrap up items in it.  Candy is usually in those, but lots of leis will have other random items in them.  Ben's favorite this year was one made with pickles and cheese wrapped up in it.  When I asked to take a picture of it, he'd already eaten it!

So, you'll have to settle for a picture of this one.... it contained Spam, Ramen noodles, orange soda, two packs of chocolate covered nuts, a seasoning mix, and a pack of seaweed!

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