Wednesday, May 9, 2012

For Today

Why do I have so many days with very little to do and then have a day with eight different places I have be?

Here is my list of activities for today:
8:30 Drop Ben's Eagle Scout packet off in Honolulu
10:00 Drop Ben off at bus stop in Mililani - finals today!
10:30 Orthodontist for Emily
11:30 Lunch at DFAC with Kerry and girls
2:30 Jumprope party for Katie - have to make brownies to take
3:00 Drive to White Plains Beach to pick up key
4:30 Drop Emily off at church - she's babysitting for the women's Bible study
5:30 Pick friends up at the airport in Honolulu, and take them to their cabin in White Plains

I've organized everything out into time increments for the day, including having someone else drop Katie off after her party because I just can't be there.  I also cancelled play practice for the day which would have been 1230-2:30 but I just couldn't do it.  If anything else gets dropped today, it will be lunch.

So of course, Katie chose today (at 4:00 AM) to burst into my room saying, "I think I'm going to throw up!"  Ten minutes later, she was fine, having not thrown up.  I think she had a bad dream, or got too hot but once she got a wet, cool rag on her forehead, she went back to bed.  I fell asleep surprisingly quickly considering the new adrenaline level she had created in me.  

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