Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sandy Claus

While we were in Waikiki, we stopped by the Sheraton Waikiki to see the Christmas sand sculptures they have on display in the lobby. For these magnificent creations, the hotel had to haul in twenty tons of sand! Sculptors Thomas Koet and Jill Harris created three seven-foot tall scenes depicting Santa and Mrs. Claus vacationing in Hawaii. And really, where would sand sculptures be more appropriate than the beach?

Here are the Clauses packing their bags to leave for a well deserved island vacation.

Upon their arrival in Hawaii, they are presented with traditional Hawaiian leis.

Then Mr. and Mrs. Claus relax on the beach and enjoy the warm weather - quite a change from the North Pole! And who could blame Mrs. Claus for enjoying a margarita; what happens at the beach stays at the beach!

These sculptures will be up through early January if you'd like to see them! Next year, I'm going to go down while they are being created. I think it would be fun to watch the process!

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