Friday, December 10, 2010

Paying It Forward

Today was a RAINY day. The skies literally opened up and poured down on us in massive quantities.

For ten minutes.

Then it stopped.

Then it started again.

Repeat. All. Day. Long.

I don't know why it kept coming down in torrents and then stopping. All my errands today were done in fits and starts as I waited for the rain to stop so I could get in or out of each store. When the girls and I went to the PX there was a lull in the storm. We were walking up to the building as the Salvation Army lady was setting up. She is there every day. She is an elderly lady and she uses a walker with wheels on it to get around. I see her every time I'm there, ringing her bell next to the red bucket hanging there for donations.

This time, she was trying to get the red bucket and the metal tee-pee it hangs from out of the doors while using her walker. I could see she was having trouble with it and then the automatic doors decided to automatically close on her.

The girls and I ran up and got the doors off her, and we helped her set up the donation bucket, a shopping cart, and a chair in her usual spot. Then, happy at having done our good deed for the day, we went into Starbucks and got a coffee for me, and smoothies for Katie and Emily.

We were sitting there enjoying our drinks and chatting when the skies opened up again and the ceiling over our heads was roaring with the sound of the rain pouring on it. All the sudden, I remembered the lady we had helped was sitting outside in the rain. Granted, she was under an awning, but that rain had to be hitting her still.

The girls and I jumped up and ran outside and helped her quickly move all her stuff into the safety of the building. We got her settled into a nice dry spot and went back to our drinks.

We were still sitting there chatting a few minutes later when another woman appeared out of the blue, hugged me and Emily and said, "You ladies are awesome!" Then she handed us a $10 Starbucks gift card and scooted off before I even got a good look at her.

It was really nice to have a good deed rewarded. I think the girls may be stalking people from now on to see if they can help in case there's someone nearby who may hand them a gift card though!

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