Friday, December 24, 2010

Emily's New Do

I'm going to post photos of Christmas morning, but if you are used to what my family looks like, you might get a shock if I don't show you these pictures first.

Emily was "sick" of dealing with her long, beautiful, thick, brunette-with-natural-red-highlights-hair that I would kill to have.

So she wanted a short cut. I told her, I thought she should go with "short-ER" and then keep getting it cut shorter each time she went back if she liked it. I told her it would be a major shock to get it cut really short all at once.

I also told her it's a proven fact that most women cry within three days of a major haircut and she should be prepared. It's an emotional upheaval. Like losing an arm. Although hair will grow back and an arm won't.

And I told her the crying usually doesn't seem like it's because of the hair, it's because of something like stubbing your toe, or frustration with math, but it will be exacerbated by the major hair cut.

And I told her if she didn't like it, it would grow. And then she would hate her long hair and get it cut. And then she would hate her short hair and let it grow. And then she would hate her long hair again.

It's what we do.

And this was the "short-ER" version she went with. Amazingly, we both really liked it. I would never have thought anyone could go from having so much hair to having so little hair and not be completely freaked out, but it looks really cute!

And it's been three days, and she hasn't cried once.


  1. OH MY!!! She just aged like 5 years! Please tell me Kerry's home, because if he's not, Ben is going to have his work cut out for him. SHE'S BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!