Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Heeeeeere's Bonnie!

Remember this video? It's the one where Kerry came home for R&R and the dogs went berserk when they saw him for the first time in seven months.

Well, I was browsing The Bonnie Hunt Show website this past week and there was a spot in there to submit a funny video. So I submitted the video of Kerry and the dogs.

Lo and behold they called me this morning to ask if they could use the video on the show! I almost didn't answer the phone because the caller ID showed it was a call from "The Culver Stud". I thought at best it was short for "Study" which would probably be a long drawn out poll or at worst, that obscene phone calls have gotten franchised.

Then someone started to leave a message and he identified himself as being from The Bonnie Hunt Show. I snatched up the phone and got the exciting news that they want to play the clip on the show! (It was from Culver Studio, by the way.)

He's supposed to email me when they know for sure it will be on. He said they were going to try to play it during the taping today and that it would air tomorrow. But if they ran out of time, it would get bumped to the next day.

While we are very excited about this, when we got home from Ben's chemistry class today, the dogs had gotten into the trash and my kitchen looked like this:

So they may not survive to see their own television debut.


  1. HOW EXCITING! Have found her show on the Cordele station at 9AM. Will be watching. GG

  2. How funny! Good thing those dogs are obviously loved!