Sunday, November 29, 2009

Face Plant

Our Thanksgiving started off with a bang.....literally.

We met some friends at a nearby stadium to spend some time running and walking around the track. I only walk, but the teens like to run. They usually run a mile, then they go "free run" because regular running isn't dangerous enough. Free running involves leaping over fences and running up walls. I tried to find some videos on you tube to link to, but most of the ones on there involve people doing back flips and other extreme moves that Ben doesn't do (yet).

On Thursday, Ben and Nate were leaping over two chain link fences. One was four feet high the other was six feet high. They were practicing going over one fence and then the other without pausing. Ben cleared it the first time he tried, but the second time, he didn't quite get his feet up high enough. His shoes tangled in the top of the fence and he landed smack on his face in the dirt from four feet in the air.

He was dizzy and slightly nauseated when he stood up; there was dirt all over his body and blood from the nose down. He was literally thrilled with what an awesome tumble he took. I took a picture with my cell phone to commemorate the moment.

I took this just after he had leaned down under a faucet and washed a good bit of the blood and dirt off.

I was nervous when he looked at me and said, "I see two of you," but the dad of the other family with us is a PA and checked him out and once his vision returned to normal they gave us a ride home.

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