Friday, November 6, 2009

From High to Low

Kerry called on Tuesday to give me some exciting news - he wasn't supposed to come home until January, but he was being sent home with the second wave of soldiers returning and would be here for Christmas!

They had been telling him for weeks that he would be leaving in early December, but he didn't want to tell me and the kids and get us all happy and excited in case the date got changed again.

He had lunch with one of his colonels on Tuesday and verified all information:

"You're sure I'm going home in time for Christmas?"

"Absolutely. Your name is on the manifest, I've been telling you that for weeks!"

"So it's definite? I can tell my wife?"

"I'm surprised you haven't told her already!"

So he told me.

The next day the other colonel called him into his office, "You're not going home in December, we're keeping you back until January" (give or take a few expletives).

Thank you, Lord, that I did not tell the kids.

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  1. Oh, yes, thank you, Lord. I went from high to low right there with you. :-(