Sunday, April 27, 2008

The inability to speak

I have a whopping case of laryngitis. We went out with a group of friends last night and I couldn't get out anything higher than a whisper all night. I'm a little better this morning, at least I'm able to get out some sounds although I still sound pretty raspy.

It's the darn ragweed and the crackheads that are doing this to me. It's ragweed season here, and I am allergic to all southern grasses. The crackheads play a factor because they apparently use my allergy medicine to make meth labs and so the one thing that keeps me from being one giant ball of phlegm every spring is largely unavailable to me. The Army does not carry it any more. My doctor says she might be able to write me a prescription to have filled off post but she wants to try some other things first. So I'm currently hosting 3 bottles of pills, 2 bottles of eye drops, and one bottle of Flonase. The three different pills all have to be taken at different times in different amounts, so I learned quickly to write down what I took and what time I took it, or I forget and have no clue if I'm overdosing. The eyedrops are to cover the three eye infections I've develooped this month. And the Flonase is because my nasal passages are swollen about halfway shut. I missed church this morning because I'm coughing and hacking like an old chihuahau. I'm not contagious, but of course no one sitting in a room with me would know that and I figured I should just stay home until I'm better.

Thank goodness I can still type!

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