Sunday, April 20, 2008

The doughnuts have converted!

At our church the Protestants and Catholics share the building. There is a Protestant service at 8:00, then a Catholic service at 9:30, then another Protestant service at 11:00. The halls get pretty jam packed in between services with all the people coming in and going out.

Also in between services, everyone heads for the "doughnut room". This is a large room just off the kitchen where coffee and doughnuts are free to all. The Catholic service pays for half the doughnuts and the Protestant service pays for the other half. The problem is that the Catholics just have better doughnuts. The Protestants have glazed only. Period. The Catholics have chocolate, blueberry, sprinkles, cream filled, as well as the dull old glazed ones. All the kids of course are attracted to the fancy doughnuts. I, frankly, had never noticed the sign in front of the doughnuts stating which ones are for the Catholic service goers, and which ones are for the Protestant service goers.

That is until my son came up to me this morning and accused me of stealing a "Catholic Doughnut". I guess the doughnuts were really won over by the Pope's visit. ;-)

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