Friday, April 25, 2008

Homeschool Convention!

I just got back from the homeschool convention and boy am I pumped! A homeschool convention is an overwhelming mix of things you love, things you hate, things you didn't know existed but now realize you need, things you wish you could afford, etc. etc. etc. I could have bought so much stuff if it weren't for money! I ordered my math and language arts from Abeka, except for Ben's math because I'm switching him to Teaching Textbooks for high school. I checked out all the Apologia science programs because I'm planning to use those for high school also. I bought a few history books for supplements. I purchased "The Answers Book" from Answers in Genesis because it goes along with the video series we have on Creation vs. Evolution. I shuddered as I walked by the "Drivers Ed In A Box" booth because I realized I may actually be purchasing that in another year.

I bought an Airzooka:

Which, frankly, has been a very popular purchase at home.

I ran into almost everyone from my homeschool group. We all talked incessantly about everything we had seen and why we were using what. We attended seminars and compared notes. It's a great time to learn about new ideas and materials and services available to us today. It's overwhelming to the newbies, they think they need everything and stop at every booth. I sail by most booths and zero in on what I know I need and then spend some time looking at the new stuff.

My only other unplanned purchase (besides the Airzooka) was a tee-shirt for each of my kids. Katie's says simply, "Homeschool Girl". Ben's and Emily's each says, "Warning: Unsocialized Homeschooler. Proceed with conversation at your own risk" I love that!

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