Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Katie's 15!!

Once again, it's hard to believe.....

My youngest, my little peanut, my smidgen of a girl....

Keeps growing.....

Without my permission.....

And now she is 15!  

I just can't believe it.

I know I say that every time one of my kids has a birthday, but it's really true.

Katie has the unfortunate reality that her birthday is in September.  We often move in the summer.  

This is not the first birthday where we've moved to a new area and she hasn't known enough people to have a party.

THIS year however, we happened to move to a place where she does know someone.  A friend from Hawaii who lives here now.  We had her whole family over for dinner.

 We gave Katie a messenger bag which is modeled after Kaylee's coveralls.

 I took her shopping and let her pick out a dress.

 It's very twirly!

 We took her out to lunch.  Ben ordered a drink which came in a "girly" glass.

Then back home to open more gifts!


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