Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Katie was able to do something really exciting and unique!
She was able to go on a homeschool field trip to go  indoor skydiving!

She got flipped over at one point and wound up on her back on the floor!  But the instructor flipped her back over and she kept right on going!

It was very exciting to watch!  I wish I could have done it as well, but it was a special price for the kids because we had a group rate.    

Some kids paid extra and got to spin up high into the overhead tube with the instructor!

I was shaking when Katie got done!  I'm not sure if it was from nervousness or excitement!

Because it was a school group, they taught the kids about the science behind the wind tunnel and terminal velocity and such.  They threw different sized balls into the tunnel to see which ones went higher and which ones stayed low.  They even squirted water out of a water bottle and it stayed in individual drops that floated around in the wind tunnel!

The instructor showed them what sort of exciting maneuvers you could do if you went there a lot (and had a million dollars).  They even have competitive teams!

The first video is the one that I shot. THIS video is the official one, taken by the staff, and included in the price of the flight!

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