Saturday, September 5, 2015

Consumer Demand

Emily is home for the weekend and we're making Stroganoff.  I always have to buy dairy-free sour cream when Emily is here due to her dairy allergy.

Since we are new in town, I wasn't sure where I could find some so we've went hunting this weekend.  I usually can find it at Whole Foods but we don't live near one of those any more.  We tried Harris Teeter, Food Lion, Martins, Walmart, Fresh Market and Farmer's Fresh Market - and came up with nothing.  Zip.  Nada.

Usually the organic/organic type stores have it so I was really surprised that the two fresh market places didn't have anything.

I stopped an employee and asked if they had dairy-free sour cream.

"No, sorry," he told me.  "It really isn't cost efficient to carry things we don't have a lot of demand for."

And yet they were selling tubs of rendered duck fat.

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