Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Yogurt Incident

A friend of ours had a daughter who was graduating last night.  We decided to go to the ceremony to wish her well.  And since Emily is graduating in one week, it gave me a chance to watch a ceremony and prepare myself emotionally (it didn't help, I teared up as soon as the graduates walked out and then sniffled off and on through the entire ceremony).

This was a very nice ceremony - the men wore suits and ties, the girls wore dresses and there was a wonderful reception afterwards with wonderful, wonderful treats to eat.

They had Gouda cheese and Havarti dill, homemade cookies, cake, fruit trays (on real silver and clearly not bought at Walmart), cream puffs,.........

.....and these.

"These" were little boats of vanilla yogurt with fresh blueberries on top.  I took one bite and it was like being in heaven.  It was glorious!  I knew Katie would love it, so I sought her out in the crowd to have her try it.

I found Emily, Katie, and Kerry talking to each other and walked straight up to them, "Katie, you are going to LOVE this, you have to try a bite!"

I handed her the cup of yogurt, but somehow I didn't communicate who was actually taking possession of it.  I thought she had it; she thought I had it.  Instead, released by all, it plummeted straight to the hard floor of the church hall and exploded like a mushroom cloud over the four of us.

I seriously did not know yogurt could do that.

The cup landed closest to me and I was the hardest hit.  I was liberally sprayed with yogurt from the feet up.  It was all the way up my shirt, on my glasses, and in my hair.

I looked at Katie in shock and she looked back at me with horror.  I noticed yogurt in her hair, on her neck,  and on the front of her dress.

Kerry started laughing.

Suddenly, a girl of about ten years, materialized in front of me and snapped a picture with her iPhone.

At that point, I had to start laughing too.  If I looked crazy enough to have a random kid snap a photo of me, it must have been pretty bad.  One of the hosts came over and politely asked what happened.  Katie and I pointed at each other.  People nearby grabbed napkins and started wiping the floor.

Kerry was trying to wipe yogurt out of my hair, I was trying to get it off my shirt and glasses while I also randomly dabbed at Katie as I spotted more on her.  Emily was in hysterics.  "It'''s in every crevice of your ear!" she laughed while wiping the front of her dress.

We finally got ourselves cleaned up enough to move away from the danger zone and act like we didn't know something had happened.  Every so often one of them would tell me, "Oops, there's some more in your hair right there."  Every time someone new looked at me, I started wiping my hair and face thinking that they must be looking at more yogurt on me.  Once I started walking around, I discovered I had yogurt between every toe on both feet.  My sandals squished for the rest of the evening.

About twenty minutes later I walked up behind Emily and noticed several blobs of yogurt on the back of her hair.  Then I walked up to Kerry as he was talking to another dad and found another two spots on the back of his shirt.

Yogurt is apparently like luggage, you can't get rid of it!

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