Sunday, May 3, 2015

Comic Book Artist

Our homeschool play premiered this weekend and WOW was it a success!  I could not stop grinning!  I seriously don't know if I've ever seen such a fabulous response from an audience during a low-budget, high-school performance.  

The play takes place at a company where comic books are created.

There was a Narrator who kept the audience updated throughout the show.

 Katie played Viola, the secretary at the comic book company and the love interest of the main character.

The artists at the comic book company drew a new superhero with magical pens.

They accidentally created a villain who could freeze time.....

The villain's cape was like a character unto itself!

 Evil minions.

Star Guy's main power seemed to be vanity!
(He called it CHARISMA!)

He was very unhappy when he learned he didn't have the power to fly!

Triple Time was super fast!

Emily played the super hero Wombat Woman.  
Her super power is the ability to burrow through anything.

Superhero Blossom could knock people out with one whiff of her magical flowers.

 Katie as Viola

Emily had never practiced putting on her accessories with her hair teased out so big.  The audience laughed so hard at her struggling to get the mask and cape on over her hair she wound up add libbing, "You drew my hair too big!" and then striking this pose until the audience calmed down.

The "Fabulous Four" and their creator, Stanley.

Viola and Wombat Woman.

Katie was supposed to have on a belt which she would give to Stanley.  Unfortunately, the belt went missing during the scene change and no one could find it.  When Katie turned her back to the audience I could see that it was hung up in the back of her dress, but she didn't know it was there!

 Viola and Stanley

Eraser Man, Star Guy, Triple Time, and Blossom

 The cast

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