Monday, April 28, 2014

The Happiest 5K On The Planet!

For the first time ever, Kerry, the girls, and I entered a 5K!

(I hope you now have the impression that we ran it, and that I am in fabulous shape.)

In actuality, we walked it.  Kerry could totally have run it.  The man runs half-marathons and enjoys it.  He's run a full marathon and didn't really enjoy it, but still occasionally says he might do it again.

  The girls and I could have run it ........ if someone had been chasing us with an axe........and even then, it would have been iffy.

This is before the race.

This is after the race.

 This is after the "after party" after the race.

Let me show you some more.

Before the race.

 After the race.

The girls opted to really wallow in the color which is why they have a lot more on their faces than I do. My arms were pretty blue though.

 This is The Color Run and it's billed as the "Happiest 5K On The Planet".  There are four color stations along the course and at each one they throw colored corn starch at you.  When you finish you are coated in color.  They also have areas where you can literally lie down and roll in color.

 Getting it off is quite a treat.  Mostly it washes right off, but we keep spotting little areas of blue on each other.



I didn't think anything could ever make me want to participate in a run.  But the paint concept is pretty appealing and quite fun!  After the race they give each runner a bag of colored powder and you run around throwing it on each other which is how you get even more color on you.  It really is fun!

 The girls even got into in more than I thought they would.


Really, really.

If you're interested in seeing some really cool photos and video of the event, check it out here.

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