Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Horses, Horses, Horses

While we were in Kentucky, a good friend asked if we'd like to see the stables.  Horses are cool, so of course we said yes!

I realized that the girls have a horsemanship badge to earn for their scouting program, so I quickly grabbed a handbook to see if there were any requirements we could check off from this visit.

We were able to mark off three for Katie!

Emily discovered shortly after our arrival that she is very allergic to horses even if she doesn't touch them.  She spent most of her visit in the car waiting for her eyes to stop itching.

Katie (that's her little head peeking out from behind the giant rump) learned how to groom a horse, attach a lead line, saddle a horse, and the difference between Western and English riding.

And, of course, how to clean up after a horse.

I snapped this shot as she was leading the horse back out to the field.  It is now one of my favorite photos ever!

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