Monday, January 27, 2014

Scary Wind

We were under a high wind advisory last night.  

It's not enough that we have blizzards and hail interspersed with lovely warm weather that lasts just long enough to give you hope that Illinois is not a frozen wasteland and that Spring will come one day.

Now we have gusts of wind blowing so hard people's roofs are blowing away, lawn furniture is rolling down the street, and trampolines are being folded in half like giant tacos.

I half expected to wake up in Oz.

The wind was shrieking around the house so hard it sounded like a hundred screaming women on broomsticks flying around outside.

The dogs did not like it.

While we were watching television, Rigger was trying to wedge himself between the coffee table and the sofa and underneath our legs.  He actually put one foot on the sofa as if he were about to climb into our laps, but that is a no-no.  No dogs on the sofa - especially not a dog who can make the sofa collapse.

Kerry went up to bed before I did and it wasn't long before he called me to come upstairs to examine a new situation in our room.

Ringo, who is not allowed in our bedroom, and certainly not on our bed, was a little freaked out by the wind.  He was so pitiful, wrapped around Kerry's head like a furry skull cap, we couldn't bear to throw him out when he was clearly petrified.

Once I got into bed, he lay between us but would jump to his feet and pant into my face every so often before lying back down.

Rigger decided to sleep in Katie's room and (as is his standard operating procedure) fell sound asleep because he figures the humans will handle any problems that arise so he doesn't need to worry.

It's supposed to be windy again tonight - I hear a low roar starting out there already.  Guess I'd better  scootch over and make room.

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