Monday, January 13, 2014


Who could have guessed back when I married an Army private that one day I would be pinning on his Lieutenant Colonel rank?

What made it the absolute best was that so many family members were able to make it here to share in the glory.  It just wouldn't have been as awesome if they hadn't been able to be here!

Kerry had been working on his speech for weeks.  He wouldn't tell me what he was going to say, because he wanted it to be a surprise.  He said he was going to make me cry.

Well, as it turned out, when he thanked his parents for all they've done, he was the one who started to choke up!  Then, he was trying to get himself under control, so he just told everyone I was his supportive wife, and he handed me flowers.

He made up for it a few minutes later when he handed my mother some flowers and publicly thanked her for providing him with a "smokin' hot wife".  That got a good laugh from the audience!

We are all just as proud as we can be!

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