Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Let's Talk About The Weather

Yesterday, it warmed up enough that I was able to go out without a coat, I just needed a light sweater.

Last night it snowed hard enough that all the schools are closed today......

We also have been under a high wind advisory since midnight.  It scared Ringo so much during the night that he tried to get on our bed with us four times.  He's not even supposed to be in our room.  This morning, we discovered that after we wouldn't let him sleep with us, he clawed all the folded linens out of the bottom of the linen closet and burrowed in there.

(I don't actually have anything made of linen in my linen closet.)

The wind is literally shrieking around our house right now.  I believe this is the same sound they must record and use in horror movies when they want to simulate the sound of a group of women screaming in terror.

As I sat here at the computer just now, the wind ripped the front storm door open and slammed it against the house.  I jumped sky high, then had to go wrestle the door shut and locked, then had to go put on clean underwear.

Schools are closed and the military base is on a two-hour delay except for "mission essential" personnel which means Kerry still had to go in first thing this morning, because nothing could be smarter than having all your essential personnel stuck in snow drifts or sliding along dangerous roads.

Kerry called when he made it safely to work and warned me not to try to leave the house.  He said the cars were being blown sideways by the wind and he saw three cars stuck in ditches and snow drifts.  High winds and icy roads don't mix.

In just a few minutes, I'm going to go put on some sparkly red heels, pick up the dogs and start chanting, "There's no place like Hawaii, there's no place like Hawaii." *click, click*

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