Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wolf Fest

We recently headed over into Missouri for "Wolf Fest 2012".

 Kerry's always been fascinated with wolves (and all wild creatures) and I knew he would love, love love this!

 The girls got to pose with the wolf mascot (they were beyond thrilled to be in this photo).

 We got to see some really cool demonstrations.  We watched demonstrations of therapy dogs, sled dogs, dogs pulling carts of flowers, and dogs pulling people on bicycles.  It's amazing really what they can train dogs to do!

 We got to touch lots of animal pelts and skulls.  All the pelts were from animals which had died of natural causes.  No animals were specifically harmed for their pelts, anyway.

We saw plenty of wolves too.  They were behind double fences but we could see them very well.  There were volunteers at each enclosure to tell us about the wolves.  

One volunteer was especially interesting.  She said many animals in the wild will kill or abandon an injured member of the pack.  But the African Painted Wolf will actually care for any member of the pack who is sick or injured.  They once observed a pack care for a wolf who had been injured in an attack.  They kept him hidden and brought him food for months until he recovered.

Now that's a good pack to be in!

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