Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Road Trip

We went on a spur-of-the-moment road trip to Florida.

Rigger and Ringo knew something was up as soon as they saw the suitcases.  They are so pitiful, standing by the door with their ears and eyebrows raised.  They know suitcases mean we won't be home for a while.

After we loaded the suitcases in the car, we decided to walk the dogs.  When I held up the leash, Rigger came running to me high-stepping like a prancing pony.  His excitement was visible in every muscle of his body.  He thought  he was going with us.  Ringo was excited as well, but he contains his enthusiasm better.

Usually when we take the dogs out, they head straight for the curb.  That's where all the dogs who are being walked around the neighborhood leave their scent.  Our dogs usually drag us to the curb so they can leave their own scent in response to the other canines.  The edge of our yard is the Facebook of the dog community.

This time however, our dogs headed straight for the cars in the driveway.  Rigger nearly took me off my feet.  They circled each of the vehicles, looking for a way in.  "How are we supposed to go with you when we can't get it??  Open a door!"

We tried to entice them over to the grass to use the bathroom, but they were having none of that.  "Car, suitcase, car, suitcase....let me in!!!"

We decided to load them up in the van and go for a quick drive around the block.  This has worked in the past especially well with Rigger.  As long as he gets a ride in the car, he's happy.  He doesn't care how long it is, a ride is a ride.  And he usually forgets that there was a purpose to the whole thing.  So we loaded them up, I drove around the block with them and came back home.  Ringo hopped right out.  Rigger sat down in the back of the van and refused to budge.

Have you ever tried to move a 160-pound dog who doesn't want to move?  It's not easy.

I was really surprised he caught on to our little ploy.  Rigger's sweet but he's never been the sharpest knife in the drawer.  Ringo is the one who's scary smart.  But this time Rigger was the one who caught on to our little trick.  Kerry pointed out that many people who lose one of their five senses often develop heightened awareness in their remaining senses.  Apparently since Rigger recently lost a major favorite body part (he still looks baffled when performing his daily cleansing routine), it's heightened his intelligence.

Kerry finally managed to haul him out of the van and actually managed to shut the rear hatch without harming Rigger who was trying to get back in before it closed.

We made it to Florida and back, the dogs were delirious with joy when we returned (someone stayed at the house with them while we were gone) and they apparently will not require therapy to overcome the trauma of being left behind.

I think they might pee on our suitcases the next time they see them though.

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